Does the world need artists?

Depressed Artist
2 min readFeb 8, 2022


It doesn't.

I work in a world-class museum with a low salary to pay for my studio. (And I regret renting a studio, which I will write about it someday.) I often feel hopeless and regretful. So I wrote down the reasons ‘why the world needs artists’ to cheer myself up.

  1. To provide a unique way of looking at the world.
  2. To challenge social expectations.
  3. To provide ‘methods’ to articulate complicated emotions
  4. To provide entertainment (sensory, dramatic experience, novelty, special memories, healing, humor, wit, making sense of something terrible)
  5. To create new knowledge, information, and insight (investigation, invention, experiment).
  6. To be a leader (time management, living one’s fullest potential, how to deal with rejection and self-doubt).
  7. To provide a form of communication and negotiation with others, especially those who have opposite stances.
  8. To study decision making
  9. To add value to other businesses/ products.
  10. To provide a sense of experiment (when others consume your art as if they were the one experimenting with life/ to get in touch with their inner artist/ fully lived their life)
  11. To encourage ‘outsiders’ to find their own community, everyone feels misunderstood at some point in their life.
  12. To entertain one’s desire for authenticity.

I look at the list and I am still not convinced.

A self portrait I painted when I was a freshman in art school.